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New Scans | Digitized Art

Here is a new piece of artwork down below underneath blocks of texts at a two hundred and fifty word minimum.  😛 This art was created in the past year or so.  Should be getting in the habit of signing and dating these things.  This time it was decided to try out an alternative program to Adobe PhotoShop using a free open source software called GIMP.

The original idea for this post was to create a list with a summary review of various artist resource websites where an artist may create an account with profile, gallery or print sales services such as;

  • deviantart .com
  • society6 .com
  • artkabinett .com
  • artwanted .com
  • 99designs .com
  • fineartamerica .com
  • artistsnclients .com

I am not sure if I would really waste my time creating accounts with any of the above mentioned.  As an artist, it may be best to have their own domain/.com/website as I have had in the past and plan to do in the near future if I am ever to become a bit more established as an artist though as a web designer I may find more ways of making an actual living such as being a “Starving Artist”.

Later it was decided that because of search engine Spider Bot Crawlers algorithms can often find sites with excessive number of links found to be spammer sites. *SEO tip.

So this post is about a fairly recent abstract art oil pastel piece.  Created on that Strathmore Visual Journal Mixed Media 5.5 in. x 8 in sheets of pages.  This piece was scanned at 300 dpi to digital jpeg file format.  Then cropped and slightly adjusted trying out GIMP for viewing online.  The previous post was also created in a similar process.  The scanner could not completely fit the whole piece and is missing parts from the top and bottom.  Please note that this image, click here is sized at 2282 pixels width by 3562 pixels height at 96 dpi in jpg format.  I guess one could just use this file to print for one’s own personal use.  The original piece may or may not be completed but so far it is actually something I can say I am some what proud of doing.  Please inquire, if interested in prints, commissions or originals.

So here is the new piece;

Pen And Oil Pastels on Paper

Abstract Aquarium

^^ One day at my parents home, I was sitting in a room where a fish tank aquarium is present, with no intention on what I was creating I began adding pen ink and oil pastel colors on paper.  It does seem to remind me of a fish tank aquarium though had no idea what I was doing at the time.  I look up from the paper and only after completion is when I notice the similarities with the fish tank in the room.  In the near future I will be adding four new pieces scanned in this format and adding to the gallery page.

Thanks for viewing!










Thurs Throw Tho…

Thursday Abstract

minor digital manipulation

I did a bunch of these back around 2008 and did about twelve of them to publish in an annual calendar.  I never was able to get a calendar published but still have the files.  They are oil pastels on paper, scanned into digital format with some minor Photoshop manipulation.

This one above was done today in the same style on a new piece;

oil pastels on 9 x 12 mix media paper digitized, April, 6th, 2017

Also check the gallery out, new more recent work is being added today.

Inspirations | Art Ideology


The belief that art is found in everything or art is everything reminds of those EARTH bumper stickers.  I may believe art can be found in everything or everything could be considered as some form of art.  Though I also believe that belief equals reality and believe in everything and everything’s opposite making the choices of what to believe in more from experience.

With art, often finding the feeling of striving for originality and uniqueness to create that which has never been created.  Easily done with just about anything as the art has never been created in that way, place, by that person or during that specific time would validate a difference.  As far as inspirations go with art it can be difficult to find inspirations from others if wanting to make something completely of ones own internal creation if inspired from external sources.

There is a love for most artwork I see.  I do like abstract, mixed-media, oil paintings, sculptures, dark style art, macabre, nature landscapes, the rare and bizarre and just about anything else.  Some of my favorite artists are individuals I have met and friends.  I do like the more well known, Salvador Dali, Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt and the many many more etc, etc…

As I have mentioned I find myself trying to distance myself from the mainstream and finding my inspirations from within similar to how happiness is found in the same way though I’m not sure I have really ever experienced happiness in my entire life and feel it may be overrated or occasionally get depressed when I hear laughter or others filled with joy.  Keep in mind the potential exaggerations, fabrications or possible jokes as I may have a dark or dry sense of humor. Venting can be helpful and art can be an outlet.  Music can also be very inspiring, even listening while making art.  I recently made a music video for a new tune I wrote.


One artist that has had my attention for quite some time is Steven Stapleton.  I found his experimental music “Nurse With Wound” rather enjoyable and found his art to be very appealing.  If I had to chose a favorite I often think of his work.  Looks like he will be having his first solo exhibition in the near future.  I doubt I will be able to attend the reception in Ireland.  I may have read somewhere once that before his music he started as a graphic designer.

Some info about the exhibition click here;

I have also been doing quite a bit of social networking lately and have found a number of artists that have caught my attention and provided below is a brief list of some of what I have found.



veronica cay



Music is definitely a form of art in my opinion.  Mainstream music really gets to me.  The thing about subliminal messaging is that it is more effective when not payed attention.  If indulging in the emotions these songs and lyrics are expressing makes me just want to shove my hand in my ear, pull out my brain, throw it on the ground and stomp on it alleviating to say the least.

Brain blast comic

Pen on Paper

This type of common music just really doesn’t agree with me at all though I have had a strong passion for more tasteful music being a guitarist and musician for about twenty years.  Often if I walk into a store or place of business and I hear an intrusive horribly agonizing song I will walk right out of the place not getting what was intended.

Art is found in mainstream advertising and commercials as well.  Logos for companies and brand packaging are all designed in a form of art.  It seems with mainstream art, it is near impossible to avoid while living in a populated area being subjected to it on a daily basis.  I believe there are brainwashing subliminal messages involved like; buy things, be a consumer, be like everyone else, money means survival.  As an artist it is nice to create that which is not intrusive and would love to find artists with the idea of attempting to reverse the effects of art in advertising.



Oil Pastels | Materials

Sennelier oil pastels!

As I have mentioned in a previous post, at this current time Sennelier oil pastels are a favorite art medium.

I have noticed a considerably improved difference in color quality and feeling in blending ability compared with the other more commonly found brands.

I have created much art with other pastels and still have many sets of the more commonly found oil pastels.

These various sets include;

Portfolio® SERIES Water Soluble Oil Pastels Set of 24
© 2002 Binney & Smith (Crayola) Made in Spain

25 colours Extra Fine Quality Oil Pastels MADE IN CHINA

Artist’s Loft™ | Oil Pastels Assorted Colors | 35 pcs | Academic Level 1
Michaels Stores, Inc. | MADE IN KOREA

Out of these three listed above I feel that they may be listed in proper order.

I have used a number of other sets and different brands over the many years.  I have been mainly interested in oil pastel since roughly about 2004 and creating art since preschool.


<<<<<    >>>>>

<< Made in France
(just like Sennelier)


U.S.A. Made >>


^^ These two spiral bound pages of paper have been what I’ve mainly used for a while now. ^^

The 9×12 paper sizes of the Canson I have found slight difficulty always finding frames or matted frames at the specific dimensions of nine by twelve though custom framing is preferred.

There are also a number of blank canvases currently in my possession.

I feel I am saving them for special occasions;

Ampersand | museum series panel | pastelbord
Crafted by hand in the USA | 8×10 and 5×7 WHITE

10 sheets 9×12 inch Economy Cotton canvas pad from Art Alternatives – Made in Vietnam

I do tend to prefer items that are made in France, USA or Italy. may have good prices or selection on these kinds of products.
More so than I have found at some local art stores.

Though I have also gotten a number of things from this place; Riley Street Art Supply


At one time I had done a little search on oil pastels and found this;
“Professional quality brands of oil pastel include Sennelier, Holbein, and Garich.”

I would definitely be interested in picking up a set of Holbein or Garich at some time.
Who knows, maybe if I sell an original of my work I will reward myself with a nice new set.

I also found this to be rather interesting;

“In 1949, the Sennelier shop created a product specially for Pablo Picasso. He wanted colors he could use on any surface, without first having to do special preparation or coating. Henri Sennelier, Gustave’s son, created the first oil pastel, a stick of colored chalk that is waxy rather than powdery. It goes on thickly and won’t smudge.”

New Art Gallery Page

A new addition of an art gallery page now included on this blog!  Here you may find a number of images of original pastel, mix-media, pen ink, sketches, doodles, graphic artwork or more.screen shot of art gallery page

Currently there are only a very small amount of the pieces in a rather large collection of various work done over the many years.  Many images at this time are digital photos taken of the originals with some minor to major digital implementation.

A little info about the art

In the process of creation often the outcome is personally more appealing in the moment of creating rather than an intent of an idea of how it will supposedly look.  When beginning to start there sometimes is a developed technique with a movement of upward line strokes in a seemingly random and somewhat rapid effort.  Similarly done with pen ink doodles or sketches.  With pastels abstract, the lines will form shapes and will begin revealing what the completed piece will eventually become.  Usually blending colors with finger tips is preferred sometimes creating blisters or calluses from repetition and force.

The direction of how the paper should be turned is often never determined.  Sideways, upside-down,  potentially rotating ever so often occasionally from time to time.

At times perhaps more of an intention will be applied to create meaning.  In the above mentioned process an energy or thoughts relating to an idea or message will be used to portray a meaning possibly known only to the creator.  The energy or thoughts could involve a sort of venting outlet for anything on the mind such as relating with humanity, society, culture, environment, philosophy or the infinity of possibilities of any micro second of time.

Feel free to visit again if interested in seeing future additions

Another quote I’ve liked;

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Pablo Picasso

Latest Piece Of Pastel

Abstract Oil Pastel Art

An Abstract Oil Pastel Artwork

Not much to say about this one.

Abstractartism perhaps.

Oil pastel on paper.

Strathmore Mixed Media 100% Cotton Velium finish

5.5 in x 8 in.

Completed in February of 2017.

<< This is a jpeg image file. ^^

I believe that true art is created when the artist has the feeling of creating.  Creating art can be therapeutic for me as well as an enjoyable past time.

A quote I found to be kind of motivational;

“All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness.”
– Eckhart Tolle – The Power Of Now

Preferred Pastel Brand

I have discovered that my favorite brand of pastel is Sennelier.  Made in France. Supposedly Sennelier was the original inventor of or produced the first oil pastels in 1949.  Before finding my preferred brand of medium I would just purchase any random generic set of oil pastels found at any art store.  Since choosing Sennelier oil pastels I definitely noticed a considerable difference and am much more satisfied.  This piece has a red color with an iridescent tone that shines in certain lighting.  May not be noticeable in this digital image of the original.

Particular Process

Shown above is a digital scan of the original piece using a retro CanoScan 3000F apparently only works with my Windows XP system and the scanner no longer has software or drivers available for later OS versions.  What might make this piece special is that it is the first one I digitized using this scanner and many previous pieces I had taken digital photos.  When using a camera or scanner there is also usually more often than not implementation using Photoshop, completing the image for display.  I may like working with graphic implementation software programs such as Photoshop, Corel paint, PaintShopPro or the many programs out there.